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Sludge dryer

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Sludge dryer equipment can dry the materials with 90% of water content to final products in one time. Regarding the property of sludge prone to agglomeration, Fote Machinery as the famous sludge dryer manufactuer changes the structural pattern of the material plate of common single-channel dryer and adopts combined self-cleaning device, thus greatly expanding the application range of the single-channel sludge dryer and making it not only able to dry various sludge, but able to dry various materials with high stickiness.

1.Advantages of Sludge  Dryer :

2.Operating under high temperature and low oxygen to avoidmaterials being self-burning or exploding when drying

3.Big drying capacity, highly industrialize and coal dryingmachines

4.Low amount of air are required to save tail gas handingcost

5.Rotating part rotates slowly and no abrasion wear coaldrying machines

6.Compact structure,big heating area, smaller installation area drying machines 7.We will offer youprofessional service for coal drying equipments
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