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Single drum rotary dryer

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1. Rotary Dryer Application
The Hengxing rotary dryer is mainly designed for wood, sand, coal, gypsum, coalpowder, line stone, clay in a cement palnt, and also can be used fordrying other materials in chemical materials in chemical industry, metallurgicalindustry and milling industry. Simple stucture and easily maintenance are thehighlights of this series of rotary dryer. 

2. Special design for rotary dryer request
Hengxing rotary dryers are custom designed for your specific processing needs.Whether you require low or high inlet temperatures, short or long residencetimes, counter-current or co-current flow, Hengxing design team can designa rotary dryer system for your application. 

Rotary Dryer Parameter

The Rotary dryerscharacteristics : 

1. The internal adopts assembled structure which has improved the accuracy of the equipment and it is easy to transport and install.

2. According to the characteristics of different fertilizers ,we have arranged the second granulation zone reasonably so as to improve the granulation effect .

3. Adopts assembled hoist board so as to exchange heat fully and lower the energy consumption .

4. Temperature induction monitor ,uniform vibration and airproof setting , which improve performance and productivity efficiently .

5. The assorted combustion furnace is a type of energyefficient and has the characteristics of smaller area ,easy regulation and equipped with greenhouse

Length and DiameterVolumeReducerThickness (mm)Weight (T)Power(kw)Fan power (kw)Yield(t)
Φ 0.8 × 84JZQ35083.2440.5-2
Φ 0.8 × 105JZQ35083.7440.5-2.5
Φ 1 × 86.3JZQ35084.55.541-2.5
Φ 1 × 107.9JZQ35085.25.55.51-3
Φ 1 × 129.4JZQ35085.77.55.51-4
Φ 1.2 × 1011.3JZQ400109117.51-4.5
Φ 1.2 × 1213.6JZQ4001010117.51-4.8
Φ 1.2 × 1415.8JZQ4001011117.51-5
Φ 1.2 × 1618JZQ4001012117.52-6
Φ 1.5 × 1221.2JZQ5001214.4117.52-9
Φ 1.5 × 1424.7JZQ5001215.615112-9.5
Φ 1.5 × 1628.3JZQ5001216.815112-10
Φ 1.8 × 1435.6JZQ500162318.5155-11
Φ 1.8 × 1640.7JZQ5001624.518.5155-12
Φ 1.8 × 1845.8JZQ500162618.5155-13
Φ 2 × 1856.5JZQ65018312218.55-15
Φ 2 × 2062.8JZQ650183330225-16
Φ 2 × 2269JZQ650183530225-17
Φ 2.2 × 1868.3JZQ650203830228-18
Φ 2.2 × 2075.9JZQ650204230228-19
Φ 2.2 × 2283.5JZQ650204630228-20
Φ 2.2 × 2491.1JZQ650205030228-21
Φ 2.4 × 1672.3JZQ6502245373010-20
Φ 2.4 × 2090.4JZQ7502251453710-22
Φ 2.4 × 24108.2JZQ7502260553710-25
Φ 2.4 × 28126.6JZQ7502467755510-30
Φ 2.7 × 181.03JZQ7502455755515-25
Φ 2.7 × 24137.3JZQ7502468755515-30
Φ 3 × 20141.3JZQ9002581755525-30
Φ 3.2 × 20160JZQ9002595905525-35
Φ 3.2 × 28225JZQ90025101907525-40
Φ 3.5 × 24230JZQ900251201107530-50
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