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double impeller leaching agitator

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Double Impeller Agitation Leaching Tank/Agitator Tank

Agitator Tank —Product advantages

1.Stable operation, low consumption

2.Air is evenly dispersed

3.Compact structure, easy maintenance

4.Rubber lined impeller with low cyclespeed and long service life

Product Feature

Agitator Tank — Product feature

1. Ore pulps are driven to flow stably andmixed uniformly with less energy consumption

2. Entering tank via hollow shaft, airs isagitated and dispersed by rotation of impellers.

3. compact structure; easy maintenance

4. Impellers are covered with rubber andhas low speed and long service life

5. The machine is developed andmanufactured on the basis of imported American technology.

6. Air is fed in tank through multipleholes.


Agitator Tank — Productapplication

In the gold cyaniding process, the machineis applied to leach and carbon-absorb ore pulps whose fineness is -200 meshesand whose density is less than 45%. Under similar circumstance, it is alsoapplied to agitation and leaching in metallurgy, chemical and light industry.

Work Principle

Agitator Tank — Product principle

With dual impellers rotating and agitating,ore pulps move downward and then diffuse along damping plate. Air is fed intank from the lower end of shaft, and blended with ore pulps to form uniformsuspending mixed liquid.

Agitator Tank —Technology parameter

ModelEffective volume (m3)Impeller revolution (r/m)Impeller diameter (mm)Motor modelMotor power (kw)Weight (kg)
GBJ-1000 X 10000.58530240Y112M-62.2548
GBJ-1250 X 12501.15350240Y100L2-431108
BGJ-1500 X 15002.2320420Y132M2-65.52207
GBJ-2000 X 20004.4240560Y160M-67.53110
GBJ-2500 X 25009.2272560Y180L-6153939
GBJ-3000 X 300019.1211700Y225S-818.54613
GBJ-4000 X 4000451531000Y250M-8309560

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